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16th April 2014

9:41pm: Kitten today!

We can haz new kitty!
Current Mood: Cheerful

15th April 2014

5:41pm: No kitten today...
Kitten Tomorrow
Current Mood: cheerful

10th November 2013

6:06pm: A Whole Different TIme - Chicon III, 1962

Annual Business Session – Martin Moore, Chairman
9:00 A.M., Florentine Room – Sunday, September 2nd, 1962

MARTIN MOORE: Will the business meeting of the 20th World Science Fiction Convention please come to order? Is Mr. Ben Jason present? (No) Mr. John R. Isaac? (No) These two people have submitted motions, and as yet have not arrived.
More MinutesCollapse )

We stand adjourned.

[Transcribed by Tim Illingworth from “The Proceedings; Chicon III”, edited by Earl Kemp.]

7th November 2013

8:28am: WSFS Minutes: 1960
apparently from Amra:
18th World Knowledge Sagas Forgathering
Pittsburgh, Pennswood

The following upshot was reached at the Pittthing Business Moot, Sunday, September 4, 1960:
1) Inwriting Gild: The inwriting gild for outlanders (meaning folk not living in North Vinland) shall be one daler, but such out-landers shall betale a further two dalers upon coming to the Forgath­ering. The inwriting gild for North Vinlanders shall be D2.00, but a further D1.00 shall be betaled upon their coming to the Forgathering.

2) Indraft of "Hugin" Meeds: The indraft of the yearly "Hugin" meeds shall be onelikened as heeds the firework ship (but not need-fully the footdeal), on the groundsel of the indraft by Ben Jason, inled at the 1955 Forgathering. Thane Jason is thanked for his work in forthbringing this indraft.

3) Meed Kinds: The Headman of the Pittthing is bidden to name a sair outchosen to bethink forthlayings for the onelikening of the "Hugin" Meed kinds. The outchosen will gaintell at the next yearly Forgathering.
(LOOK WELL: The dealship of this outchosen will be forthsaid later, after all dealsmen have ontaken their namings.)

4) Polling for Meeds: The workly polling for morrowish "Hugin" meeds, but not outnamings for the meeds, shall be inheld to betaled dealsmen of the World Knowledge Sagas Forgathering at which the meeds will be made.
(LOOK WELL: This forsetting is binding on the 1961 Forgathering. It was eyesightly the hencelook of the foresetting that "betaled deals-men" be bethought those who have betaled the D2.00 waybefore inwriting gild -- D1.00 in the falling of overseas dealsmen. Otherwise the polling could not find stead save at the Forgathering itself, and it would be unmightly for the meeds to be readied and incut in time for forth-giving.)

5) Inothering in Forgathering Times: A foresetting to name a sair outchosen to forthlay choosy times for the yearly Forgathering, other than the Work Day weekend, was boarded until the 1961 Business Moot.

6) Mail Polling for Forgathering Stead: A foreputting to chose the stead of the World Knowledge Sagas Forgathering by written choose­kegel, in the same way as the "Hugin" meeds but with the deadline for incatching of pollings at midnight on the first day of the Forgather­ing, was boarded without a foresetting.

7) Forgathering Stead: Seattle was onemannishly chosen to be the stead of the 1961 World Knowledge Sagas Forgathering.

Moot Lawman: L Sprague de Camp
Anglo-Saxon Oversetter: Poul Anderson

20th October 2013

2:48pm: Well, dammit.
I've been looking for quite a while now for a set of WSFS minutes written in Anglo-Saxon-derived English.

Today I found a copy. On my hard drive. In the WSFS Minutes folder...
Current Mood: amused

5th March 2013

12:31pm: Samson (1999-2013)
He was obviously going downhill, and whatever was causing his problems wasn't fixable in any reasonable manner, so we decided to say goodbye.

So now he's running in the Happy Hunting Grounds.
Current Mood: sad

22nd November 2012

9:08pm: So much for the Starks...
GRRM will not be happy:

New England Patriots 0:13
1-10-NE 17 (9:56) (Shotgun) T.Brady pass short left to S.Vereen for 83 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

0-0-NYJ 2 S.Gostkowski extra point is GOOD, Center-D.Aiken, Holder-Z.Mesko.
New York Jets 0:43
0-0-NE 35 S.Gostkowski kicks 65 yards from NE 35 to end zone, Touchback.
1-10-NYJ 20(9:43) M.Sanchez pass short left to E.Gates to NYJ 31 for 11 yards (D.McCourty).
1-10-NYJ 31(9:10) M.Sanchez up the middle to NYJ 32 for 1 yard. FUMBLES, RECOVERED by NE-S.Gregory at NYJ 32. S.Gregory for 32 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

New York Jets 0:09
0-0-NE 35 S.Gostkowski kicks 70 yards from NE 35 to NYJ -5. J.McKnight to NYJ 20 for 25 yards (D.McCourty). FUMBLES (D.McCourty), RECOVERED by NE-J.Edelman at NYJ 22. J.Edelman for 22 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Current Mood: ecstatic

17th October 2012

11:20pm: Another Step...
today I voted in a US election for the first time...
Current Mood: cheerful

2nd October 2012

5:39pm: Update
Marcia is out of surgery and recovering in hospital. The op apparently went smoothly and all is in order.
Current Mood: cheerful

1st October 2012

9:43pm: One out, one in...
My father got out of hospital on Saturday, and seems to be somewhat better.

Meanwhile Marcia's going in tomorrow for knee replacement surgery...
Current Mood: optimistic

18th September 2012

9:12pm: Tell it like it is...
I don't know where the cover for this edition comes from, but it clearly deserves an award for Truth In Advertising...
Current Mood: amused

29th August 2012

7:44pm: Fountain pen?
Today I am become a US citizen...
Current Mood: cheerful

25th August 2012

7:18pm: A Journey To Citizenship
So: back to Knoxville by car today: so far I'm in Memphis TN. 474 miles this time, because I took a wrong route in Little Rock, confusing I430 and I440, plus a wander round West Memphis looking for the Kroger there (for gas).

Gas: 13.991 gallons for 453.7 miles. 32.4 mpg, which seems reasonable.

3rd August 2012

5:20pm: Finally...
I have a date for becoming a US citizen - August 29th. USCIS seem fond of Wednesdays...

And Yellow tail was on offer in Kroger.
Current Mood: cheerful

27th July 2012

9:33am: It's all fun until...
Well, we're on Cape Cod, because my brother and his family are here on holiday, so we came up to see them on Wednesday.

Yesterday morning, we were getting ready to go to breakfast when my father tripped and fell. So we spent yesterday at Cape Cod Hospital, where he was admitted with a fractured femur. He should have surgery today.

So: do we know someone with a spare room moderately close to Hyannis? Marcia will be staying here with him, probably for a week or more.
Current Mood: worried

23rd June 2012

10:15pm: Manager Bobby
set to a possibly recognisable tune...

Yes, Manager Bobby, Youk shouldn't be here,
This guy don't need the bench, he needs a useful career.
Will Middlebrooks' played him a terrible trick
Und sabermetrically he's sick...


Gee, Manager Bobby, you've done it again,
This Bard don't need a start; he needs a year in the pen.
It's just his mechanics are misunderstood,
Deep down inside him, he is good!

24th April 2012

7:12am: And away...
Off to Memphis (by car, from Dallas). A pleasant little day's drive...
Current Mood: cheerful

24th March 2012

11:13am: Date!
I have a date from USCIS for my naturalization interview! Wednesday April 25th, in Memphis TN.

Now to work out how to get there - flights seem remarkably expensive (about $1000) compared to Nashville and Knoxville (about $300-400).
Current Mood: cheerful

16th January 2012

8:44pm: KV 64
or so I presume. Sounds interesting as well as unexpected.
Current Mood: enthralled

14th November 2011

6:36pm: It was 20 years ago today...
that I opened my Cix account. Still have it, too.
Current Mood: amused

5th November 2011

2:53pm: Mail Hosting
What do people use for mail hosting? All I need is handling multiple addresses from multiple domains; I have no mailing lists left now that the Jomslist has moved.

I preferred running my own mail host, but as Comcast have made that impossible, I'm looking for something external.
Current Mood: cheerful

29th September 2011

7:29am: Help Me, Obi-Wan!
Could someone with access to SMTP logs tell me where mail to or is failing? Everything looks right, but nothing's arriving and the bounce messages aren't telling me much.
Current Mood: frustrated

26th September 2011

7:33pm: Email down
It appears that Comcast have decided that no-one should run mailservers at home, and are blocking port 25 both ways. Mail is therefore not getting through, at least until I can get it redirected to some other place where I have a mailbox.

Current Mood: annoyed
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